Privacy Policy

AudioSweets Music LTD is the umbrella operating company “Pick ‘N’ Mix”, “ASX” and “ASID”

AudioSweets operates a customer database, which is stored digitally. We may use your data to contact you about other products, send you information about your log in/purchases/or use of service.

We will use encryption and other security processes to protect your personal data at all time and you have the right to request information is removed or changed from our database or choose not to be contacted about our products or offers.

We reserve the right to withdraw access to any of our services at any point without explanation.

Once your subscription has become activated, we will send you your unique password. You can change this password at anytime by contacting the team.

Please be assured, we will not knowingly sell or share your information with any third parties; however, we may share your data with associated companies or with any future owner of AudioSweets Music Ltd or any associated companies and where appropriate, a responsible and appropriate business partner. We will also disclose your information to any enforcement authorities if we are required to do so by law.

If you have any concerns about the security of your personal data or any of the records retained of your activity on our website, then please refrain from using our service.


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