The buyout imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small. Available for immediate download, with sweet imaging elements and work parts.
The AudioSweets Sweet Shop is the ultimate imaging pick and mix tool kit - a continuously updated library of beds, promo/sweeper shells, sound design, utilities, breaks, artist drops & song drops. Plus a sweet load of programming elements...
Customised station imaging packages full of jingly, sweetie goodness! Sung jingles and imaging that truly stand up to today's music production.

New sweets! Classic & fresh Music Imagers, new Beds & Breaks. Fill your sweet bag now at
Hear our new package for #UCBExtra produced by our Creative Director @robsnoise #jingles #imaging #radio IT'S LOUD!
@iChuff @RadioWatcher would more than welcome to ever come to the studios are and how it works! All the best
@iChuff and also these are updates for QTRs over the last year! Hope that makes sense. Thanks again
@iChuff @RadioWatcher hey! Course we understand that. Everything we do must reflect the stations playlist. Glad you listen to jingles! Thx
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